Web Developer

Charleston, South Carolina – Movement Search & Delivery   www.movementsearch.com/jobs   is working with web application startup to identify an experienced Full-Stack JavaScript Developer. Do you want to join a startup where your skill and ambition is your only limiting factor?  Do you want to take an app from advanced prototype to market domination, scaling it to service thousands of businesses?  Do you want to do all this in shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt?  We’re looking for you.

StockAid is a predictive analytics web application designed to bring big business inventory capabilities to small business entrepreneurs.  In essence, we help small businesses purchase the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.  We’ve received angel investor funding and are looking to put together the right team.  This is your chance to take a startup from zero to launch.

What you will do:

A few sample tasks:

  • Come up with a complete integration (CI) / deployment solution
  • Scale Heroku dynos up and down depending on workload
  • Use Highcharts to map sales history and other metrics
  • Integrate with Amazon Vendor Central to pull inventory data through web services
  • Write that code you’ve been really wanting to write because it’s awesome for our customers

Development Stack

  • PostgreSql
  • Express
  • Angular
  • js
  • RabbitMq
  • Heroku
  • R
  • Git/Github
  • js
  • … and so on

What you will need: 

  • JavaScript Proficiency (Generally 1-2 years, but we care about ability, not time served)
  • Understanding of OOD, Prototypes, and Design Patterns
  • REST, API, ORM, DRY, SaaS: you love all those words
  • You’re pretty dang good at one or more pieces of our development stack

Rock Star Candidate:

  • Enjoys being given wide latitude in implementation of large tasks with a big impact
  • Writing beautiful code makes you happy
  • You have personal projects you do just for fun and can prove it
  • A willingness to learn more in the next 6 months than you would at any other job in 3 years
  • Has a development superpower such as writing great unit tests, analyzing memory management / garbage collection, or bringing donuts to work regularly

What we offer: Honest and transparent representation to our clients…  it’s what we do.

If you have ALL of the required qualifications for this position and are skeptical about sending in a resume to someone you have never spoken with, give us a call. We try to rise above the recruiting rhetoric by giving our contact information in order to provide you as much information as possible. We go to great lengths to work directly with the hiring managers for the positions we represent so our job descriptions truly reflect the needs of the organization.

Please send your resume and current compensation to:

Greg Giltner
(Yes, this email goes directly to a real person)