Technology Manager

Blacksburg, Virginia- Movement Search & Delivery     is working with a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service. Due to their recent growth, they have opened a position for a Technology Manager, west of Blacksburg.

What you will do: The Technology Manager is responsible for managing a team of engineers who create designs for dry type transformers in accordance with electrical and mechanical requirements specified by customers and/or industry standards. The role applies state-of-the-art design methods, calculations and prudent engineering practices in order to efficiently translate and deliver designs and design related manufacturing information to all customers in the value chain, while also assisting in managing 7-12 professionals. The position develops, implements and executes group effective KPI’s, develops cost-effective design methods, and provides budgeting, cost management, and total cost analysis.

What you will need: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Strong experience in technology management. Experience performing design work based on customer requirements, design goals or problem statement. Transformer design experience. Strong understanding of applicable transformer and industry standards including but not limited to: ANSI/IEEE C57.12.01, C57.12.51, C57.12.55, C57.12.90, C57.12.91, C57.96, C57.94, NFPA 70/National Electrical Code, UL, CUL, CSA and IEC. Experience with mechanical and electrical simulations.

What we offer: Honest and transparent representation to our clients…  it’s what we do.

If you have ALL of the required qualifications for this position and are skeptical about sending in a resume to someone you have never spoken with, give us a call. We try to rise above the recruiting rhetoric by giving our contact information in order to provide you as much information as possible. We go to great lengths to work directly with the hiring managers for the positions we represent so our job descriptions truly reflect the needs of the organization.

Please send your resume and current compensation to:

Sarah Shipman
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