Software Testing Engineer

South East

Little Rock, Arkansas – Movement Search & Delivery   is working with a leading supplier of electronic components to a myriad of industries. We have been tasked to identify an Electrical Engineer – Software Testing.

What you will do: The Electrical Engineer – Software Testing designs/develops hardware and software for RF/microwave electrical test systems used in the manufacturing of multi-gigabit cable assemblies. The role performs the integration of custom designed circuit boards and mechanical fixtures with off-the-shelf test equipment such as digital sampling oscilloscopes, TDR modules and network analyzers, while also developing software to extend and refine the capabilities of existing test systems across multiple manufacturing regions. The position coordinates software development activities, performs electrical testing of multi-gigabit cable assemblies, and creates/executes test plans, conducts software reviews, performs system verification and validation, analyze and resolves failure modes and document results. Additionally, the Electrical Engineer – Software Testing creates product and test system documentation, specifications and work instructions.

What you will need: B.S. Degree in Electrical/Systems/Computer Engineering. Engineering experience with a strong understanding of product design and development. Experience with RF/microwave test and measurement equipment such as digital sampling oscilloscopes, TDR modules, 4-port network analyzers, and bit error rate testers. Experience with compiled programming languages such as C/C++/C# or VB with the Microsoft .NET framework. Experience with scripted programming languages such and Tcl/Tk or Python.

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If you have ALL of the required qualifications for this position and are skeptical about sending in a resume to someone you have never spoken with, give us a call. We try to rise above the recruiting rhetoric by giving our contact information in order to provide you as much information as possible. We go to great lengths to work directly with the hiring managers for the positions we represent so our job descriptions truly reflect the needs of the organization.

Please send your resume and current compensation to:

Pierce Buster
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(248) 297-5320