Python Testing Developer

Decatur, Georgia – Movement Search & Delivery    is working with a growing, multi-billion dollar manufacturing client. Due to their growth, they have a newly created position for a Python Developer, east of Decatur.

What you will do:  THIS IS A TESTING ROLE.  The Python Developer participates in product definition, specification and requirements analysis working with cross functional stakeholders, while also collaberating on firmware and software architecture and development strategy with particular focus on wired and wireless networks with an intent to influence testability and supportability into the architecture. The role designs, codes, integrates, tests, supports and enhances software solutions used to test, manufacture, debug and support solutions using wired and wireless communication devices, sensors, and gateways. The position provides software testing, RF performance testing, network stress testing, customer traffic simulation, and problem recreation. Additionally, the Python Developer creates design documentation (architecture, module specifications, APIs, etc.), performs system integration and validation testing activities, and develops tools used in the recreation of customer issues, providing assistance in debugging issues in embedded designs.

What you will need: Experience with both C and Python programming. Proficiency in high-level structured programming languages (e.g. Java, C, C++) in the Linux or Android environment (SDK, NDK) as well as Windows. Experience with networking technologies and programming using IP Networking protocols (IPv4, IPv6, RIPv2, SNMP, DHCP, TFTP, FTP, TCP, UDP). Knowledge of software development practices and methodologies. Experience developing code for multi-threaded applications and fluent in the concepts of threads, processes, concurrency and locking. Experience developing within and deploying security features for networks including firewalls, intrusion detection, attack prevention, encryption, auditing, etc. is highly desired.

What we offer: Honest and transparent representation to our clients…  it’s what we do.

If you have ALL of the required qualifications for this position and are skeptical about sending in a resume to someone you have never spoken with, give us a call. We try to rise above the recruiting rhetoric by giving our contact information in order to provide you as much information as possible. We go to great lengths to work directly with the hiring managers for the positions we represent so our job descriptions truly reflect the needs of the organization.

Please send your resume and current compensation to:

Sarah Shipman
[email protected]
(Yes, this email goes directly to a real person)