Power Electronics Engineer

Fort Wayne, Indiana – Movement Search & Delivery   www.movementsearch.com/jobs   is working with a national manufacturer of industrial systems to highlight candidates to fill their newly created Power Electronics Engineer role.

What you will do: The Power Electronics Engineer is responsible for product development from concept ideation through product launch. The role provides design, testing, and validation of power electronic-based products, controls, and motor protection equipment, leads development of concepts and circuit designs for electronic motor control and protection products, and performs computer-based component, circuit, and system simulation to prove out design performance and compliance with product specifications. The role develops product requirement specifications and validation plans, prepares control algorithms and participates in the development of embedded software and control hardware, while also leading an engineering team through development tollgate process. Additionally, the Power Electronics Engineer supports transitioning newly developed products into the production phase, provides technical support for existing products and/or product improvement projects, and plans development projects through concept, design, validation, documentation, and production launch.

What you will need: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Current experience in power electronics. Comprehensive understanding and experience designing and testing active power factor correction and inverter/motor drive solutions. Experience with analog and digital signal condition circuit design. Experience with the test and validation process for electronic and software-based products. Experience with UL and IEC standards and the compliance process. Knowledge of power electronics devices and modules for fractional to 150hp, 230-640VAC. Understanding of heat-transfer and thermal protection in power electronics systems. Working knowledge of variable frequency drive control solutions such as V/F, DTC, and FOC. Strong understanding of control system dynamics.

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