Optical Imaging Development Engineer

Northville, Michigan – Movement Search & Delivery  www.movementsearch.com/jobs   is working with a world-class supplier of products to a myriad of industries within manufacturing. Due to recent growth, the company has opened a position for an Advanced Development Engineer – Optical Imaging.

What you will do: The Advanced Development Engineer – Optical Imaging ensures that brand new products or processes are designed within industry standards, identifies, quantifies, and qualifies a range of sensing devices implemented for an automotive interior application, and is responsible for sensor selection and computational module development of a multi-modal vehicle perception system. The role develops product specification, requirements, and validation documents for an optical sensing device within application requirements, implements industry standard vision recognition techniques, and develops/designs an interior monitoring system following engineering and technical disciplines. The position defines system and component operating requirements and control schemes, prepares technical specifications for the electrical/electronic components and system, and is responsible for algorithm and software prototype development. Additionally, the Advanced Development Engineer – Optical Imaging creates/maintains DVP&R, BOM and drawings, initiates, reviews and releases drawings and specifications, and continuously improves existing product design and internal processes to increase customer satisfaction (CI and VAVE initiatives).

What you will need: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Industrial experiences with an emphasis on system engineering and product-oriented technical innovation. Hands-on skills on 2D/3D image processing, video processing, camera calibration, object detection and tracking, feature extraction, 3D geometric modeling, real-time graphics rendering. Experience with image processing, machine vision/learning, and estimation/detection. Experience with temperature and optical sensing devices within a closed loop system. Thermal image acquisition, signal processing, and data handling within a microprocessor / microcontroller based control framework. OpenCV and/or MatLab modeling and software development environments. Electronics and optics packaging, optical system architecture layout, and optical system verification. Working knowledge of human thermo-physiology and occupant based thermal management. 

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