Manufacturing Engineer

South East

Birmingham, Alabama  – Movement Search and Delivery    is working with a diversified, multinational automotive group. Due to their recent growth, the company has opened a position for a Manufacturing Engineer.

What you will do: The Manufacturing Engineer plans, designs, develops, tests and validates production processes and products according developing and testing specifications and methods and in regard to all quantity, quality and economic aspects. The role implements projects in regard to the project management, plans product, process, tools and production capacity, and provides technical support and discussion with suppliers and customers. The position creates and maintains technical product and process documentation, builds/checks prototypes and samples, and executes change management, while also supporting production in technical and quality items. Additionally, the Manufacturing Engineer valuates mechanical systems and products by designing and conducting research programs, applies principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, hydraulics, heat transfer, and materials, and confirms system and product capabilities by designing feasibility and testing methods and properties.

What you will need: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Current experience in automotive engineering. Knowledge of equipment maintenance, control engineering, and production planning.

If you have ALL of the required qualifications for this position and are skeptical about sending in a resume to someone you have never spoken with, give us a call. We try to rise above the recruiting rhetoric by giving our contact information in order to provide you as much information as possible. We go to great lengths to work directly with the hiring managers for the positions we represent so our job descriptions truly reflect the needs of the organization.

Please send your resume and current compensation  to:

Greg Giltner
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