Automation Research Engineer

Richmond, Virginia – Movement Search & Delivery   is working with an international applied research manufacturer. Due to their recent growth, the company has opened a position for an Automation Research Engineer.

What you will do: The Automation Research Engineer develops/supports various digital and analog control systems for advanced manufacturing research and production processes. The role encompass broad aspects of industrial automation including related technology disciplines such as feedback control, computer vision, autonomous and collaborative robotics, etc, while also monitoring and controlling the advanced manufacturing processes. The position implements controls using industrial, R&D, and custom control systems, develops/implements adaptive and/or feedback control for a variety of manufacturing processes, including plasma spray, additive manufacturing, and machining, and implements multiple advanced sensing systems (e.g. load, kinematic, dynamic, acoustic, thermal, as well as others) in multiport control strategies for a variety of automated manufacturing processes. Additionally, the Automation Research Engineer implements advanced automation and robotic solutions for manufacturing and assembly processes.

What you will need: Advanced degree in Engineering. Experience implementing and developing advanced control systems. Strong understanding of industrial control systems. Knowledge of advanced sensing and data acquisition. Experience developing and implementing advanced control systems on manufacturing equipment. Significant experience implementing advanced sensing and data acquisition. Experience developing new sensing technologies. Experience with wireless, secure data transfer.

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Sarah Shipman
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